Typhoon season

  There are several typhoons in Shanghai every August

  Blue sky and white clouds, the sky is beautiful

  Of course, the temperature is not very high

  Such weather is suitable for outdoor running

  Almost every typhoon will pass by with Shanghai

  People laugh that Mordor have boundaries

  I think it should be related to the geographical location and terrain of Shanghai

  The surging Yangtze river should also be a factor that cannot be ignored

  Basically, it is not too hot in Shanghai during the typhoon season

  Seeing the white clouds will be especially beautiful every day

  Low clouds seem to be at your fingertips

  It seems that the environment can really affect a person's mood

  Every time the typhoon comes, I have to move the flowers of the balcony

  After the typhoon leaves, the flowers are moved out to the sun

  Generally it will only last for a day or so on rainy days

  The rest is a beautiful sky